ENE-2009-01 Geothermal Energy in the Heart of the Rockies


A presentation on the geothermal resources and geothermal development across the state of Colorado and specifically in Chaffee County. Digital PDF download. ENE-2009-01D

From the presentation:

This document is derived from a presentation delivered at the Salida Sustainability Summit in Salida, Colorado on October 15, 2009. The meeting was held at the Salida Steam Plant. The meeting was an open forum for the general public to learn and ask questions about geothermal energy. It was organized by Kathryn Wadsworth of Incite Consulting, and sponsored by the municipal and county governments in Chaffee County, the Governors Energy Office, Dept of Local Affairs, and Alliance for Sustainable Colorado as part of the Chaffee County Energy Planning initiative.

“Geothermal Energy in the Heart of the Rockies” was a presentation introducing the subject of geothermal energy and covered the following topics:

— Geothermal resources of Colorado and the Chaffee County area.
— What is a geothermal power plant?
— What is required for one to be installed?
— Why here? Why now?
— What are the environmental impacts?