OF-13-04 Geologic Map of the Milner Quadrangle, Routt County, Colorado


The purpose of this map is to describe the geology, mineral and ground-water resource potential, and geologic hazards of this 7.5-minute quadrangle located west of Steamboat Springs in northwestern Colorado. CGS staff geologist David C. Noe, consulting geologist Alan J. Busacca, and field assistant Michael J. Zawaski completed the field work on this project during the spring of 2008. The geologic map plates and the Author’s Notes report were created using field maps, structural measurements, photographs, and field notes generated by all three investigators. Digital ZIP download. OF-13-04D

From the Author’s Notes:

The Milner 7.5-minute quadrangle is located in Routt County, Colorado, along the valley of the Yampa River. The unincorporated community of Milner lies along U.S. Highway 40 in the northeastern part. Steamboat Springs, the county seat of Routt County, lies 10 miles to the east. The Yampa River flows from east to west across the northern part of the quadrangle. It cuts across the Tow Creek anticline between the town of Milner and the town site of Bear River. US-40 and the Union Pacific railroad conveniently follow this river corridor. The highest elevation in the quadrangle is the Chavez survey triangulation station (8,106 ft) atop the Tow Creek anticline. The lowest elevation (6,420 ft) occurs where the Yampa River exits along the western border.