OF-88-02 Inspection and Certification Program for CERCLA Remedial Activities at Uravan, Colorado


Outlines inspection and certification program for CERCLA remedial activities at Uravan, Colorado. Consists of construction oversight plan, including schedule and planning, document control log, tracking and inspection, and monitoring oversight plan: operational, environmental, post reclamation. 137 pages. 2 figures. 10 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-88-02D

From the Preface:

This Inspection and Certification Program is specifically designed for use by the State of Colorado in tracking, evaluating and confirming remedial activities at Uravan, Colorado. However, the basic concepts developed in this report can be used to develop similar programs for other sites that are cleaned up under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA): Resource, Conservation, and Recovery Act (RCRA); and the Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act (UMTRCA).

The end goal of the Inspection and Certification Program is to certify that all cleanup activities have been conducted properly and that these actions meet the applicable, relevant and appropriate standards. To accomplish this goal, a detailed inspection system and a specific inspection strategy must be developed at the onset of a remedial project to assure proper tracking, monitoring, and documentation of the construction and environmental monitoring activities at the site. In an era of limited resources, it is imperative that an effective, streamlined and manageable system be designed and implemented.

For these reasons, a computer-based data management system coupled with strategic planning of inspection activities were used in establishing the Inspection and Certification Program. The Inspection and Certification Program developed herein will assist federal and state agencies and private industry in developing similar programs for other remedial sites.