MI-57 The Citizens’ Guide to Geologic Hazards


The full title of this publication is MI-57 The Citizens’ guide to geologic hazards: a guide to understanding geologic hazards, including asbestos, radon, swelling soils, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, subsidence, floods, and coastal hazards. It was originally published by the AIPG in 1993 and contains excellent and easily understood discussions on the full range of natural hazards. Yes, what you don’t know may indeed kill you! And even if it doesn’t, it can definitely wreak serious havoc. Highly recommended. 145 pages. Digital PDF download. MI-57D

From the Preface:

If you have wondered about the actual dangers of asbestos, radon, earthquakes, etc., which are mentioned but not explained very well in the news, then this book is certainly for you. The book was commissioned by The American Institute of Professional Geologists to give readers knowledge that will save lives and dollars. It explains geologic hazards, the risks these hazards pose, and how professional geologists help to mitigate these risks. We wrote this book for non-scientists, especially planners, contractors, homeowners, elected officials, insurance underwriters, lenders and financiers, realtors, science teachers, and students.Although geologists have the knowledge that can help reduce the risks, the value of this knowledge will increase greatly when the majority of citizens also understand the hazards and can upgrade public policies that will guarantee that available knowledge is used. Many of the losses that you will read about in this book are preventable if present-day knowledge is applied by the public.