OF-06-07 Geologic Map of the Fairplay West Quadrangle, Park County, Colorado


The purpose of this map is to describe the geologic setting and mineral resource potential of this 7.5-minute quadrangle. Field work for this project was conducted during the summer of 2005. Digital ZIP/PDF download. OF-06-07D

From the Author’s Notes:

The Fairplay West 7.5-minute quadrangle is located in northwestern South Park in central Colorado. In the northern part of the map area, the town of Fairplay straddles the boundary between the Fairplay West quadrangle and the adjacent Fairplay East quadrangle. State Highway 9 traverses the northeastern corner of the Fairplay West quadrangle and U.S. Highway 285 is just east of the quadrangle boundary. Several creeks and tributary streams flow east to southeast across the quadrangle and are part of the South Platte drainage basin. Principal streams in the area include, from north to south, the Middle Fork of the South Platte River, Sacramento Creek, Fourmile Creek, Sheep Creek, Twelvemile Creek, and Cave Creek.
In the eastern part of the quadrangle, topography is fairly subdued and ranges in elevation from about 9,500 to 10,500 feet. The western part of the quadrangle is dominated by a series of peaks and north-northwest-trending ridges that rise abruptly, thus producing a much more rugged terrain. The highest peak in the quadrangle is Sheep Mountain, which is 12,818 feet in elevation. Roughly two-thirds of the Fairplay West quadrangle is within the Pike National Forest, which is administered by the U.S. Forest Service. However, there are numerous privately held lands and historic mining claims within the Forest Service boundary. With the exception of the town of Fairplay, most properties in the eastern third of the quadrangle are privately held ranch lands or are leased sections belonging to the Bureau of Land Management and Colorado State Land Board.