OF-80-06 Geology for Land-Use Planning in the Green Mountain Reservoir Area, Summit County, Colorado


The presence of numerous landslides clearly indicate the potential for slope failure exists in the Green Mountain Reservoir area. Some may be natural and some may be caused by humans. Increasing the moisture content of a slope by lawn or garden irrigation, removing support from the base of a slope by extensive cuts, and adding weight to the upper part of a slope by fills or permanent structures are major causes of human induced slope failures.

Hazards mapped and discussed included expansive soil and rock, differential compaction, erosion, deposition, high groundwater table, and sand and gravel resources. Bedrock formations and surficial deposits are mapped and related in a table to geologic hazards for land-use planning in the Green Mountain Reservoir area, Summit County. 1 plate (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. OF-80-06D