B-14 Molybdenum Deposits of Colorado


This 1919 report provides a historical snapshot of how World War I drove the need for certain ores and what was done to locate and assess them. In particular, it presents the information gathered in the state-wide search for molybdenum. 129 pages. 2 plates (1:5,068,800). Digital PDF download. B-14D

From the Introduction:

Soon after it was declared that a state of war existed between the United States and Germany (World War I), the Colorado Geological Survey was asked to cooperate with Federal officials in determining the extent of the undeveloped molybdenum resources of Colorado.

It is the purpose of this report to present a brief statement of the occurrence of molybdenum; to show the present condition of the molybdenum industry; to describe the molybdenite properties of Colorado so far as they are now known; and to indicate the areas in this state that should be prospected.

The report is organized into the following chapters: Introduction; Chapter I. Molybdenum; Chapter II. Molybdenum minerals and ores; Chapter III. Foreign molybdenum deposits; Chapter IV. United States molybdenum deposits, except Colorado; Chapter V. The molybdenum deposits of Colorado (organized by county); Chapter VI. Concentration, reduction, and analysis of molybdenite ores; Chapter VII. The uses, supply and demand, market and prices of molybdenum; and Bibliography. Plate 1 is an index map showing Colorado molybdenum deposits. Plate 2 is a map showing areas of the state that should be prospected for molybdenum.