OF-78-05 Geologic Hazards Study in Douglas County, Colorado


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Consists of 16 plates: 1) Littleton Quad; 2) Highlands Ranch Quad; 3) Parker Quad; 4) Piney Creek Quad; 5) Kassler Quad; 6) Sedalia Quad; 7) Castle Rock No Quad; 8) Ponderosa Park Quad; 9) Devil’s Head Quad; 10) Dawson Butte Quad; 11) Castle Rock So Quad; 12) Russellville Gulch Quad; 13) Larkspur Quad; 14) Greenland Quad; Cherry Valley School; 15) Geological hazards map; and 16) Explanation sheet. Details the relationships of geologic hazards to land use planning for a study of geologic hazards in Douglas County. Digital PDF download. OF-78-05D

Geologic hazards are natural geologic conditions that if unrecognized or inadequately planned for can result in loss of life, damage to structures, or high maintenance costs, especially for homes, roads, and utilities. The mapping units used on this map are a combination of genetically related features, processes, and/or conditions that could cause problems for human activities. Where appropriate, mapping units and their definitions conform to the terminology and definitions given in Colorado House Bill 1041 and the Colorado Geological Survey’s Guidelines and Criteria for Identification and Land Use Controls in Geologic Hazard and Mineral Resource Areas (Rogers and others, 1974). In addition, hazard areas may include geologic hazards that vary greatly in degree depending on natural variation within the area and on various man-caused changes that may occur in the future. Because most of Douglas County is presently in the natural state or is being used for low-intensity uses like agriculture and grazing, most of the mapped hazards cause no difficulties for existing human activities. No detailed quantification of geologic hazards is made in this study other than the table below which relates the degree of hazard to certain types of land use. In short, the actual degree of hazard depends as much, if not more, on human decisions affecting land use as it does on geologic factors.