IS-35 Selected References Related to Coalbed Methane in the Greater Green River, Piceance, Powder River, Raton and San Juan Basins


This bibliography is a compilation of references related to coalbed methane in five intermontane basins — Greater Green River, Piceance, Powder River, Raton, and San Juan Basins — which contain approximately 63% of total U.S. resource. 77 pages. 1 figure. Digital PDF download. IS-35D

Excerpt from the Introduction:

The exploration, investigation, and development of energy resources in the western United States have generated a vast amount of literature, which appears in professional journals, books, theses and dissertations, public and private agency publications, and data bases. That literature contributed greatly toward the understanding of coalbed methane in Rocky Mountain coal basins.

Thick, laterally continuous Upper Cretaceous shoreline coals and lower Tertiary fluvial coals offer numerous methane targets. These basins are already producing or have the potential for coalbed methane production based on their similar geologic and hydrologic characteristics. A less comprehensive list of references on the Uinta and Wind River Basins is also included.