B-43 Earthquake Potential in Colorado, A Preliminary Evaluation


Description of potentially active faults, discussion of historic seismicity, geologic evidence for Quaternary tectonism and land use implications; detailed bibliography. 175 pages. 3 plates (1:500,000; 1:1,000,000; and 1:62,500). 53 figures. 3 tables. 3 appendices. Digital PDF download. B-43D

From the abstract:

Colorado has long been considered an area of low seismicity with only a minor potential for future earthquakes. Recent geological and geophysical investigations, however, have discovered several active faults that are capable of generating future damaging earthquakes and numerous other faults that are suspected of being potentially active. These investigations suggest Colorado is a moderately active earthquake area and in time larger earthquakes than yet have been experienced can occur.

From the introduction:

This report is a slightly revised update of the CGS report: OF-78-03 Earthquake Potential in Colorado—A Preliminary Evaluation. Some new information has been added to the original open-file report and it has been reorganized and edited for grammar and technical aspects.