OF-83-03 Estimated Oil and Gas Reserves: Krauthead-Baseline Fields Area, Weld and Adams County


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Decline curves and reservoir characteristic analysis for Krauthead-Baseline, Banner Lobes, Fence Post, Horse Creek, and Sloan fields, Weld and Adams Counties. Includes cross sections. 27 pages. 13 figures. 2 tables. 3 plates (1:31,680). Digital PDF download. OF-83-03D

The study area lies approximately 20 miles northeast of Denver, within the Denver Basin. The area is classified as a stratigraphic trap with updip reduction of porosity, under a solution-gas drive. All production from these fields, excluding Sloan, is from the D sand of Cretaceous age at an average depth of 7,500 feet. In Sloan Field and within the study area to date, one well produces from the J sand. The cross sections and isopach map indicate this area was an elongate northeast-southwest-trending channel sand, bordered by thin, narrow levee deposits and splay deposits. Most producers in this area consider all six fields to be of common source and supply, and are therefore commonly combined as a one-field area for reservoir and other related studies.

Two methods of approach have been used to determine oil reserve estimates in this area: 1) based on case history studies, several relationships have been drawn and are used to predict reserves for other geologically similar situations, and 2) decline curve analysis.