MS-31 Geologic Map of the Glenwood Springs Quadrangle, Garfield County, Colorado


The Glenwood Springs quadrangle covers about 58 square miles in Garfield County, and includes the town of Glenwood Springs near the center of the quadrangle. Includes two cross sections; booklet of extended description of map units, rock analysis table; and references. 22 pages. 1 color plate (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. MS-31D

Note that MS-31 is the digitally produced, full color version of the original black and white Open File Report OF-95-03. The mapped units in MS-31 match those in OF-95-03. However, MS-31 was subsequently updated by MS-38, which resulted in slight modifications to some of the mapped units. For example, MS-38 incorporates (1) improved knowledge of the regional late Cenozoic evaporite collapse, and (2) more recent results of detailed mapping of the Proterozoic.