MI-10 Basic Data Release 35, Hydrologic and Geophysical Data from the Piceance Basin, Colorado


Basic data release 35, hydrologic and geophysical data from the Piceance Basin, Colorado. 121 pages. 5 plates. 21 figures. 70 tables. Digital PDF download. MI-10D

From the Introduction:

Potential oil-shale development and the need for information on the water resources of the Piceance basin led to a cooperative project between the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Geological Survey. The two-year investigation began in 1972. One of the principal objectives of the study was to provide the data needed to evaluate the effects of future development on the hydrology of the Piceance basin. To meet this objective, all of the basic hydrologic data collected and compiled by the project through December 1972 were published in Hydrologic Data from the Piceance Basin, Colorado, by John F. Ficke, John B. Weeks, and Frank A. Welder, Colorado Water Resources Basic Data Release No. 31, and all of the basic data collected between January 1973 and July 1974 are contained in this report (Basic-Data Release No. 35). Basic-Data Releases Nos. 31 and 35 are companion volumes which provide all of the public data collected during the cooperative study. The two reports contain data from 97 wells, 6 springs, and 37 continuing surface-water stations. Miscellaneous measurements of discharge and specific conductance in streams are also contained in both reports.

Data from 69 wells and six springs are also contained in this report. For the 69 wells, the following data are presented: transmissivity data from 10 wells, geophysical logs from 5 wells, temperature data from 11 wells, vertical-flow data from 5 wells, specific conductance data from 10 wells, and water-quality data from 55 wells. Water-quality data is presented from six springs.