OF-79-03 Content of Adsorbed Methane in Coal from Four Core Holes in the Raton and Vermejo Formations, Las Animas County, Colorado


Methane measurement procedures, methane control of coal samples, hydrocarbon analyses of coal-derived gas, estimate of methane resource in Stonewall-Weston Area, Raton and Vermejo Formation, Las Animas County. 21 pages. 2 figures. 2 plates (1:48,272). Digital PDF download. OF-79-03D

From the Abstract:

Gas desorption measurements were made on coal cores collected during the 1978 coal exploratory drilling program at four sites north of the Purgatoire River in the Trinidad coal field, Raton Mesa coal region, Las Animas County, Colorado. … Vermejo Formation coal beds ranging from three to seven feet and totaling as much as 10 feet (3 meters) in thickness are believed present beneath an overburden of 1,200 to 2,200 ft (366-670 m) within a 25-square-mile area. Assuming that at least a seven-foot (2 m) thickness of coal extends throughout the area, the volume of gas in-place could be as much as 84 Bcf (2.4 x 109 cubic meters).