OF-86-05 Surficial-Geologic Map of the Muddy Creek Landslide Complex, Gunnison County, Colorado, April 15, 1986


Surficial-geologic map shows features related to active landsliding in the Muddy Creek Landslide Complex, Gunnison County, Colorado. 1 plate (1:4,800). Digital PDF download. OF-86-05D

The study area is located north of the Paonia Reservoir, near Highway 133. The area of mapped active landslide complex abuts and is east of Highway 133. The landslide complex is so active that the highway was moved downslope next to Muddy Creek. As shown on this map, a portion of the old highway has been obliterated by the landslide.

Reactivation of the landslide complex occurred during April to June 1986. Features shown on this April 15, 1986 map include, but are not limited to, scarps, shear zones, tension cracks, bulging surface and soil ripples, and lobate toes of earthflows or landslides.

A similar CGS publication, Bulletin B-47, shows the same area just prior to renewed 1986 movement events as well as after the April to June 1986 reactivation.