ON-006-01M Colorado Landslide Inventory (Map) – v20220201


This GIS map is a compilation of all mapped landslides that have been published in geologic and geologic hazard maps of Colorado. Landslides have been digitized as map polygons from four broad categories of geologic maps. See the “Info” tab on the map for more details on the categories. GIS data is currently not available for download. Online resource. ON-006-01M

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This landslide inventory only reflects the location of landslides digitized from existing maps prepared by many different authors. No original landslide mapping was completed for this inventory. This inventory also does not presently include landslides mapped by private consultants, or academic or professional publications outside of the CGS and USGS. The lack of a mapped landslide in a given area does not imply that landslide do not exist at or near that location, or the ground is inherently stable. This map viewer should be used by trained individuals using it in conjunction with geologic bedrock maps, an understanding of the shear strength of geologic formations, hydrologic conditions, and steepness of slope to recognize regional susceptibilities of slope instability. It should not be utilized in-lieu of site-specific investigations to identify the threat of landsliding, or slope-stability adequacy for a specific land usage.