SP-28 Contributions to Colorado Seismicity and Tectonics: A 1986 Update


A collection of 23 recent short papers and reports on seismicity and tectonics in Colorado by individuals and organizations doing project or research work directly relevant to Colorado. 301 pages. 81 figures. 8 tables. Digital PDF download. SP-28D

From the Introduction:

This collection of papers and reports consists of recent (as of 1986) work on seismicity and tectonics of Colorado. Contributions were invited from numerous individuals and organizations known by us to be engaged in relevant project or research work pertaining to Colorado. It is intended as an update and supplement to the Colorado Geological Survey Special Publication 19 (1981). The editors have made or suggested no changes in texts submitted by the authors. Some minor changes in organization and format were made in the interest of uniformity. The data and interpretation presented herein are solely those of the individual authors.