OF-81-02 Geothermal Energy Opportunities in Four Colorado Towns


Hypothetical plans for geothermal resource development of four potential sites: Durango, Glenwood Springs, Idaho Springs, and Ouray. 60 pages. 12 figures. 27 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-81-02D

This study has analyzed the potential of four prospective geothermal development sites in Colorado and prepared hypothetical plans for their development. These plans are certainly not the only possible ones, but are meant to serve primarily as examples. Since these plans have, however, been prepared using information and ideas derived largely from residents and officials at those sites, as well as published reports, it is believed they are reasonably realistic and in tune with local conditions.

The study included the investigation of several broad areas for each site. The first area of investigation was the site itself: its geographic, population, economic, energy demand characteristics and the attitudes of its residents relative to geothermal development potential. Secondly, the resource potential was described, to the extent it was known, along with information concerning any exploration or development that has been conducted. The third item investigated was the process required for development. There are financial, institutional, environmental, technological and economic criteria for development that must be known in order to realistically gauge the possible development. Using that information, the next concern, the geothermal energy potential, was then addressed. Planned, proposed and potential development are all described, along with a possible schedule for that development. An assessment of the development opportunities and constraints are included.