MI-13 Energy Resources Map of Colorado


This map was jointly produced with the USGS and is also available under their catalog entry USGS IMAP-1039. It focuses on oil and gas, geothermal, oil shale, electricity, uranium, and coal. For oil and gas, this map delineates the age of producing oil and gas formations, the 29 largest fields as of 1974, and shows the refineries, product pipelines, plants and storage facilities. For geothermal, thermal springs or wells are shown, along with their temperature and discharge rates. For oil shale, areas underlain by oil shale having yields of 25 or more gallons of oil are shown. For electricity, the generating stations and transmission lines and their capacities are provided. For uranium, the uranium district and mine locations are shown. For coal, areas underlain by coal are shown and the type of coal and mine (surface or underground) are distinguished. Also shown on the map are areas having Precambrian rocks at the surface, and the axis of major uplifts and basins. 1 Plate (1:500,000). Digital PDF download. MI-13D