ON-010M Colorado Groundwater Atlas (Map) – v20210304


This map is comprised of statewide GIS data compiled as of 04 March 2021. Online GIS resource. ON-010M

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Main Atlas landing pageTable of Contents, linked list of Tables and Figures, and the primary Atlas contents.

Atlas Bibliography and Glossaryextensive Bibliography for the project along with a Glossary of groundwater-related terms.

ON-010D Colorado Groundwater Atlas (Data) – v20210304comprehensive GIS dataset including all aspects of available groundwater data. Full metadata is also included.

Version Information:

— v20210304 — The ON-010-02M Colorado Statewide Alluvial Aquifer layer was added to the original v20200520 dataset. This layer is found in the “Layer List” under “Statewide” then “Colorado Alluvial Aquifer” on the ON-010D Colorado Groundwater Atlas (Map) – v20210304

— v20200520 — The original GIS dataset and map for the ON-010 Colorado Groundwater Atlas.