SP-36 1990 Summary of Coal Resources in Colorado


Includes location, rank, analyses, geology, formation, structure, production, and resources in the 8 regions and 21 fields; stratigraphic column for each coal field. 33 pages. 28 figures. 7 tables. Digital PDF download. SP-36D

This report was followed by SP-41 1995 Summary of Coal Resources in Colorado. The eight coal regions include Canon City, Denver (2), Green River, North Park (2), Raton Mesa (2), San Juan River (4), South Park, and Uinta (8). The number in parentheses represents the number of fields, where more than one, in that region. Each of the 21 fields are discussed separately. The most important regions—in terms of both total in-place resources and present annual production—are the Green River and Uinta areas in the northwestern part of the state.