IS-39 Colorado Mineral and Mineral Fuel Activity, 1994


Production, prices, drilling activity, and reserves of oil and gas, coal, molybdenum, precious metals, construction materials and industrial minerals; exploration activities; map of oil and gas wildcats, current coal mines and power plants; and major minerals producers and prospects; production graphs and photographs. 12 pages. 5 figures. Digital PDF download. IS-39D

The total value of 1995 mineral fuel production in Colorado is estimated to be $1,036 million dollars, a decrease from 1994’s total of $1,227 million. The value of the coal production is estimated at $400 million.

The value of nonfuel 1994 mineral production — including metals, industrial minerals, and construction materials – was about $440 million, up $8 million from the $432 million reported in 1993. This 2% expansion was due to increased across-the-board production of gold, lead, zinc, dimension stone, construction sand, gravel, and aggregate. Declines in the value and quantity of molybdenum produced in the state offset some of the gains in the construction material industry.