MS-43 Coal Resource Maps of Colorado


This publication includes three map plates showing information about Colorado’s coal resources. The purpose of Map Series 43 is to compile coal resource information into a 3-map series covering the State of Colorado. The maps contain information on coal ranging from coal mine boundaries, coal fields and coal regions, to displaying values for coal rank, quality, and recent coal developments and exploration. The maps are at a 1:500,000 scale. Coal Resource Maps of Colorado, 2006 is an update of a 1978 Colorado Geological Survey publication entitled MS-09, Coal Resource and Development Map of Colorado, by D.C. Jones and J.E. Schultz. The 1978 map is also included along with a brief introduction for the new map series. This publication is an excellent resource for coal scientists and engineers, coal mine managers, local governments, and the general public intent on researching the coal resources of Colorado. Digital PDF download. MS-43D