B-07 Bibliography of Colorado Geology and Mining


Bibliography of Colorado Geology and Mining up to 1912. Digital PDF download. B-07D

From the introduction:

The geological literature of Colorado is very extensive and has appeared in a very large number of publications. No single library in the United States, much less any library in Colorado, contains copies of all the papers, reports, maps and illustrations bearing on the geology of the state. Much valuable information published in the newspapers of the state and of the country from the early days of western exploration to the present time has been lost beyond recovery.

In order that this extensive literature may be made more available to the public a bibliography of Colorado geology has been prepared. It covers the literature of general and economic geology, paleontology, petrology, mineralogy, and mining, from the earliest publications to the end of 1912, and follows, in general, the plan and arrangement of the bibliographies of North American geology published by the United States Geological Survey.

The papers, with full title and medium of publication and explanatory note, when the title is not fully self-explanatory, are listed under the authors, arranged in alphabetic order. The author index is followed by an index to the literature listed. In this index the entries will be found in straight alphabetic arrangement. Lists of chemical analyses, minerals described, rocks described, and geologic formations described follow immediately after the index.