OF-73-01 Geology and Mineral Resources of LAVCOG Planning District 6


Geology and mineral resources of Planning District 6. Four plates. Digital PDF download. OF-73-01D

The four plates present surficial deposits; groundwater resources; oil and gas fields and major geologic features; and mineral resources.

  • Plate 1 – surficial deposits include alluvial soils, wind-blown soils, intermixed soils and residual soils in bedrock.
  • Plate 2 – groundwater resources identified with respect to quaternary alluvium; alluvium and windblown deposits; the Ogallala Formation, bedrock formations undivided; and extrusive rocks.
  • Plate 3 – oil and gas fields, as well as the axis of structural highs on top of Precambrian bedrock are delineated.
  • Plate 4 – identifies industrial and metal mineral resources including sand and gravel; miscellaneous minerals such as copper, bentonite, marl and limestone; and Dakota sandstone with interbedded refractory clay. Abandoned quarries and gravel pits are also shown.