SP-26 Subsidence above Inactive Coal Mines: Information for the Homeowner


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General information on subsidence over inactive coal mines for homeowners and people considering purchasing property or subsidence insurance. 32 pages. 32 figures. 4 appendices. Digital PDF download. SP-26D

This publication was originally published in 1985 and then was updated in 2009. Many areas over abandoned coal mines have been developed or are under encroachment from continued development as Colorado’s population grows. Hazards associated with building over the mines includes the potential for sagging ground, sinkhole development, and the collapse of mine shafts that have not been appropriately closed. All of these hazards can cause damage to structures, pavement, and utility lines, which is not covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. Mentioned in this report, along with other useful information, is that if a home was built over an inactive mine prior to 1977, the homeowner can enroll in the State of Colorado-sponsored Mine Subsidence Protection Program with reasonable annual premiums.