WAT-2000-01 Scoping Report for Ground-Water Atlas of Colorado


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This report contains initial scoping material related to the 2003 SP-53 Ground Water Atlas of Colorado. Digital PDF download. WAT-2000-01D

From the Introduction

In an effort to provide a user-friendly ground-water atlas of the State of Colorado, the CGS commissioned this scoping study to determine the potential level of interest in such a document, and the types of data desired to be portrayed. The primary purpose of the proposed atlas is to provide the lay person, administrators, developers, the general public, and technical personnel with an understandable overview of ground water resources and development in Colorado.

The scoping study consisted of contacting a representation of potential users, and of conducting a cursory literature search to ascertain the availability of the requisite data to be included in the atlas. Administrators or senior planners in seven counties; Jefferson, Arapahoe, Grand, Adams, Park, Clear Creek, and Douglas, were contacted for their input. In addition, eight professionals, consisting of hydrogeologists, engineers, and land developers were contacted for their suggestions. Sources of data were identified on the web, and in the published literature.