SP-53 Ground Water Atlas of Colorado

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This comprehensive reference of the state’s groundwater resources summarizes the location, geography, geology, water quality, and hydrologic characteristics of Colorado’s major aquifers. The information is presented in a graphical format supported by descriptive narratives and tables to better facilitate an understanding of the material. Chapters 1 through 3 give an introduction to groundwater and its geological, hydrological, and legal context. This provides a foundation on which to build an understanding of the state’s ground-water resources. Chapters 4 through 7 discuss specific hydrological characteristics of 23 major aquifers and aquifer systems. Also included is a full glossary of specific water terminology. 210 pages. SP-53

The Atlas is intended to benefit the community of policy-makers, water managers, and their respective technical staffs in making difficult decisions concerning ground water. The general public and ground-water professionals will also find it educational.

UPDATE: The Association of American State Geologists announced that their annual John C. Frye Memorial Award for 2006 is granted to the CGS and the staff members who authored SP-53.