SP-53 Ground Water Atlas of Colorado


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ED: Note that this Atlas is superseded by our current ON-010 Colorado Groundwater Atlas—a fully online (web and GIS) free resource—that we unveiled at the beginning of 2020. This new publication is an on-going effort in that we will be adding data to it as that becomes available.

This comprehensive reference of the state’s groundwater resources summarizes the location, geography, geology, water quality, and hydrologic characteristics of Colorado’s major aquifers. The information is presented in a graphical format supported by descriptive narratives and tables to better facilitate an understanding of the material. Chapters 1 through 3 give an introduction to groundwater and its geological, hydrological, and legal context. This provides a foundation on which to build an understanding of the state’s ground-water resources. Chapters 4 through 7 discuss specific hydrological characteristics of 23 major aquifers and aquifer systems. Also included is a full glossary of specific water terminology. 210 pages. SP-53

The Atlas is intended to benefit the community of policy-makers, water managers, and their respective technical staffs in making difficult decisions concerning ground water. The general public and ground-water professionals will also find it educational.

UPDATE: The Association of American State Geologists announced that their annual John C. Frye Memorial Award for 2006 is granted to the CGS and the staff members who authored SP-53.