B-08 The Clays of Eastern Colorado and Data Concerning Those Near Some Centers of Population Elsewhere in the State


Clays of eastern Colorado, and data concerning those near some centers of population elsewhere in the state. 353 pages. 3 plates. 2 figures. 4 tables. Digital PDF download. B-08D

From the Preface:

The report has been divided into five parts, which may be thus summarized:

Part I is introductory in character and includes brief discussion of the composition, properties, and classification of clays, together with a detailed account of the methods employed in this

Part II comprises a brief description of the sedimentary formations of those parts of the state covered by this report. When these are clay-bearing, the nature of the clays found therein is discussed in some detail.

Part III consists of statements concerning the location, occurrence, field characteristics, and economic value of each specimen collected. As the samples from each county are usually grouped together, it should be easy to ascertain the general nature of the clays in any given area by consulting the proper portion of this part of the report.

Part IV contains a tabulation in which are indicated the geological horizon of each sample and the products for the manufacture of which it is best adapted. This table makes it possible to locate the beds that offer the best promise for any given purpose.

Part V is a tabulation of the results of the laboratory tests made on each sample. Most of Parts II, III, and IV has been compiled from the data given in Part V, supplemented by a visual examination of the bricklets.