RockTalk: Coalbed Methane in Colorado


This edition of RockTalk is an introduction to the history, economics, and production of coalbed methane in Colorado. Digital PDF download. RT-03-03D


Colorado’s Coalbed Methane Contribution

In 1993, coalbed methane represented about 3 percent of the nation’s total gas production. At present, coalbed methane production has grown to about 7 percent of U.S. natural gas production. Colorado’s coalbed methane production in 1993 totaled about 125 billion cubic feet, about 17 percent of this component of the nation’s total gas production. In 1999, Colorado’s production of nearly 390 billion cubic feet of coalbed methane represented a 35 percent contribution. Clearly these numbers indicate Colorado’s growing importance to the national energy equation as a source of clean burning natural gas.