OF-03-13 History, Geology and Environmental Setting of the Southern Cross and 7D Mines, Hahns Peak Mining District, Routt National Forest, Routt County, Colorado


Describes the history, geology and environmental setting of two mines in the Hahns Peak mining district. Both of the sites lie on US Forest Service land and are within the Willow Creek drainage basin, a tributary of the Elk River. Digital PDF download. OF-03-13D

From the Introduction:
During the summer of 1997 the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) inventoried mines in the Hahns Peak area of the Hahns Peak Ranger District, Routt National Forest. This project was part
of an eight-year, statewide inventory of abandoned mines on U.S. Forest Service administered lands in Colorado. Not all of the mines were on National Forest System (NFS) lands; in some
instances the forest boundary or mine locations were incorrectly located on Primary Base Series (PBS) maps. Some mines close to NFS lands and mines that potentially impacted NFS lands
were also inventoried. In September 2000, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) requested more detailed studies on the 7D adit (inventory area #337-4522-1, feature #100/200) and Southern
Cross Mine (inventory area #337-4521-1, feature #102/202) in the Hahns Peak mining district. Both of the mines are totally on NFS lands and had received an Environmental Degradation Rating (EDR) of 2 from the CGS (Appendix). This study presents the results of the detailed work performed by CGS on the Southern Cross Mine and 7D adit.