OF-90-01 Mesaverde Cross Sections, Piceance Basin, Colorado: Index to Published Sections and New Sections at Plateau and White River Fields


Previously split into Parts A and B, this publication is now combined into one PDF consisting of text and eight plates. The text (former Part A) is an explanation with references for 46 previously published (third-party) cross sections of the Mesaverde Group in the Piceance Basin along with an index map (Plate 1, scale 1:253,440). Plates 2 through 8 (former Part B) show seven cross sections with possible Mesaverde fluvial sandstone correlations and coal beds at the Plateau and White River gas fields. The sections cover White River Dome in the northern Piceance Basin and Plateau Field in the southern Piceance Basin. They were created to assist geologists in the search for coalbed methane or tight gas in the Mesaverde Formation of the Piceance. 6 pages. 8 plates. Digital PDF download. OF-90-01D