ON-007-08M Historic Metal Mining Districts of Colorado (Map) – v20201112


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This GIS map contains the most current information for this project and is comprised of GIS data and written documentation compiled in the 2010s; finalized as of 2015; with minor clerical modifications during 2020. (Note: “Add to cart” does not provide access to the map — use the direct link below.) ON-007-08M-v20201112

To the map: ON-007-08M Historic Metal Mining Districts of Colorado (Map) – v20201112

To the downloadable GIS/data package: ON-007-08D Historic Metal Mining Districts of Colorado (Data) – v20201112

The GIS map presents historic metal mining district polygons that were created by Mr. James Burnell, former Senior Minerals Geologist at the CGS, using several sources of information. District boundaries are estimated and are intended to be used at 1:150,000 scale. The areas include many of the metal mining districts in Colorado and do not include several other districts that were mined for other commodities such as uranium and vanadium. Per Mr. Burnell, “there are seldom any official definitions of the geographic boundaries of mining districts in Colorado. Information was obtained from lists of districts. The boundaries shown here are subjective and were drawn where they seemed appropriate based on the references.” The maps created by Mr. Burnell were originally completed in Adobe Illustrator by Larry Scott at the CGS. These original maps are included as documents hyperlinked from the GIS file. They are also included in the downloadable dataset ON-007-08D-v20201112 which includes all county-based reports as well.

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