OF-80-05 Conservation of Methane from Colorado Mined/Mineable Coal Beds: A Feasibility Study


Factors affecting methane development, drilling and completion methods for the degasification of coal beds and a detailed case study of a Piceance Basin mine. 95 pages. 29 figures. 15 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-80-05D

From the Abstract:

Coal bed methane, a well-documented hazard in coal mines, is also a potential energy source. In Colorado, an estimated resource of 38.8 TCF may exist in the Green River, Raton Mesa, San Juan River, and Uinta coal regions. Methane content for minable coalbeds ranges from 0 to near 500 cubic feet of gas per ton of coal. The presence of coal bed methane depends on geologic factors, while development of coal bed methane depends on geologic, mining, economic, and legal factors which must be considered in determining the feasibility of a coal degasification project. Vertical, horizontal, and directional hole degasification methods are summarized, and a case study of the Hawk’s Nest Mine area, Somerset, Colorado, is included.