MS-24 Metal Mining Activity Map of Colorado and Directory, 1984


Metal mining activity map of Colorado and directory, 1984. Shown on the map are different types of symbols with corresponding numbers. The symbols distinguish between mines that are active; inactive; or are exploration, development, tourist, educational, standby, or under construction. There is also a symbol for ore processing/concentration facilities (mills, plants, and leach pads). The map includes a directory that is organized such that mines/mills are listed alphabetically by county and numerically by map number. The mine/mill name, map number, operator with contact information, location by township and range, mine type, status, commodity, and average number of employees is also included. There are also separate alphabetical listings of mines as well as of mills and plants. 1 Plate (1:500,000). Digital PDF download. MS-24D

Note that there is a five-year update map: Map Series MS-25 Metal Mining Activity Map of Colorado with Directory, 1989.