SP-49 The Handbook of Colorado Meteorites


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Describes the general features of meteorites and lists those that have been found in Colorado though 1999. Includes: introduction, recognizing meteorites, Colorado meteorites, and glossary. 40 pages. 5 tables. 6 figures. 1 plate. SP-49

Meteorites are divided into three basic categories: iron, stone, and stony-iron. These divisions are based on the percentage of total nickel-iron in the meteorite. Nickel-iron in any amount usually indicates that a rock is a meteorite, because it is rarely found in terrestrial rocks. Each category is further subdivided into several groups based on internal structure and mineralogy. For the officially classified meteorites in Colorado, their name, location, weight, date found or recognized and classification are discussed. Where applicable, a photograph and a short history of the meteorite are included.