ENE-1985-01 Project Summary Geothermal Water Resource Investigations in Glenwood Canyon for Colorado Division of Highways


Review of existing data, and documentation of additional data collection on the geothermal resources in the Glenwood Canyon area. Digital PDF download. ENE-1985-01D

From the Introduction:

As part of an overall plan by the Colorado Department of Highways to use geothermal water to reduce bridge icing within Glenwood Canyon, the Colorado Geological Survey was contracted to review existing geologic and geothermal data, assist in additional data collection, and assess the potential for the use of local geothermal resources. Services for Phase I and II were performed by Jeffrey Hynes and Michael Galloway under the direction of Mr. Pat Rogers of the State Geological Survey.

Phase I results and conclusions were summarized in a report to the CDOH, in June, 1985 and are reiterated herein. Phase II was designed to test certain tentative interpretations of the Phase I report and, specifically, to collect additional data to help determine whether adequate supplies of warm water exist within the canyon. This was done by strategically locating additional exploration holes and measuring temperature gradients in them as well as in the previous holes. The results of this brief investigation are presented in this report in the discussion of Phase II.

In addition, an investigation into the water rights of known geothermal resources at the east end of the canyon was undertaken as part of Phase II. This material is found in Appendix A at the end of this report.