SP-16 Geothermal Resource Assessment of Waunita Hot Springs, Colorado


Geothermal resource assessment of Waunita Hot Springs, Colorado. 69 pages. 13 figures. 1 table. Digital PDF download. SP-16D

Waunita Hot Springs consists of two springs (an upper and lower spring) next to spa buildings. It is located about 25 miles east of Gunnison, Colorado. During this evaluation, aerial photos and topographic maps were used for orientation and spotting geologic features. Samples of the Dakota Formation were taken and analyzed by Core Laboratories in Denver to determine the reservoir characteristics of the sandstone. Water temperatures at the upper and lower hot springs were also taken.

The report includes eight chapters on the following topics: 1) Report on Waunita Hot Springs project; 2) geothermal prospect reconnaissance evaluation and recommendations; 3) Interpretation of water sample analyses from the Waunita Hot Springs area; 4) A hydrogeochemical comparison of the Waunita Hot Springs, Hortense, Castle Rock and Anderson Hot Springs; 5) Geothermal resistivity resource evaluation survey; 6) The geophysical environment around Waunita Hot Springs; 7) Temperature, heat flow maps and temperature gradient holes; and 8) Soil mercury investigations.