OF-80-10 Geothermal Energy Potential in Chaffee County, Colorado


Discusses electric power generation and direct heat application potential related to geothermal development in Chaffee County. 47 pages. 3 figures. 22 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-80-10D

Chaffee County is located within the Upper Arkansas Valley Basin (known locally as the Collegiate Valley). This area is part of the northern extension of the Rio Grande rift zone, extending from southern New Mexico northward to central Colorado. Faulting associated with the Rio Grande rift zone has generally resulted in local surface manifestations of hydrothermal springs in Chaffee County. Thus, Chaffee County has immense potential for geothermal development.

This report has been prepared to assist residents and developers in and outside the area to develop the hydrothermal resources of the county. Data has been collected and interpreted from numerous sources in order to introduce a general description of the area, estimate energy requirements, describe the resources and postulate a development plan. This report describes electric power generation and direct heat application potential for the region and should be used in conjunction with the many excellent geothermal publications that are readily available.