RS-37 Geology and Mineral Resources of Gunnison County, Colorado


This comprehensive report summarizes the geology and describes the mineral resources of Gunnison County including base and precious metals, industrial minerals, construction materials, and non-renewable fuels. Includes PDF report and 1:150,000-scale geologic map plate as well as GIS files of the map (re-compiled in 2022 to USGS GeMS Level 2 standard). 76 pages. 16 figures with resource locations. 8 tables. Digital ZIP/PDF download. RS-37D

From the Introduction:
Gunnison County is located in central/southwestern Colorado in an area of diverse geology. Precambrian through Tertiary rocks occur throughout the county and have undergone different stages of development. Most of the geologic provinces in the county contain economically important deposits of minerals or mineral fuels. Discussed are fourteen districts having base- and precious-metals resources and twelve districts having energy, alloy metal, and industrial mineral areas. Included in the latter category is the famous Yule Marble. Also discussed are four areas having geothermal resources, two having coal resources, and one having petroleum resources.