MS-41 Geologic Map of the Mount Sopris Quadrangle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties, Colorado


The Mt. Sopris Quadrangle is located in Garfield and Pitkin Counties. Note that MS-41 is the colorized version of the original black and white open-file report OF-99-07. Includes cross section; map unit correlation; shaded-relief map with geology overlay; and booklet of extended descriptions of map units, geologic setting, structural geology, economic geology, and references. 21 pages. 1 color plate (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. MS-41D

From the Author’s notes:

The Mt. Sopris Quadrangle covers an area of the Crystal River valley extending south of the town of Carbondale to the mouth of Avalanche Creek. Mapping of this quadrangle has contributed to further understanding of the Neogene salt related deformation and geomorphology in an area of active salt tectonism. It also contains new data on the intrusive history of the Middle Tertiary Mt. Sopris stock, including six whole-rock and trace element analyses; in addition, the map denotes Holocene and late Pleistocene glacial, periglacial, and rock-glacial deposits.