OF-02-04 Geologic Map of the Monument Quadrangle, El Paso County, Colorado


Describes the geologic setting and mineral resource potential of this 7.5 minute quad located near the northern edge of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area. Includes map unit descriptions, correlation of map units and oblique view (1:24,000.) A 27-page booklet accompanies the map. Digital PDF download. OF-02-04D

From the Author’s Notes:

The Monument 7.5-minute quadrangle is located near the northern edge of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area, which is in the southern part of the Colorado Piedmont section of the Great Plains. This section of the Great Plains is distinguished by having been stripped of the Miocene fluvial rocks (Ogallala Formation) that cover most of the Great Plains. Some middle Cenozoic rocks, the Castle Rock Conglomerate and Wall Mountain Tuff, also have been eroded from the Monument quadrangle, although erosional remnants are present a few miles to the north. The Monument quadrangle lies mostly in the drainage basin of Monument Creek, although in the northeastern quarter it reaches over the Palmer Divide, the interfluve between the South Platte and Arkansas Rivers. Most of the surficial deposits of the quadrangle can be related to the development of Monument Creek. However, on the divide and extending northeast into the head of Cherry Creek, an older alluvial deposit pre-dates the development of Monument Creek.