IS-05 Geologic Hazards in the Crested Butte-Gunnison Area, Gunnison County, Colorado


Provides data about the geologic hazards in the Crested Butte-Gunnison Area, Gunnison County. Includes general geology and physiography; geology and analysis of landslides-earthflows, unstable slopes, rockfalls, mudflow-debris fans, high water table. Also includes notes on avalanches, seismicity, expansive soil, subsidence, radioactivity, design of hazards maps, and mapping techniques. 34 pages. 20 figures. 9 plates (1:50,000). Digital PDF download. IS-05D

Studies and mapping were done in all or parts of the following 7.5 minute quadrangles that constitute the Crested Butte-Gunnison area: Gothic, Oh-Be-Joyful, Crested Butte, Cement Mountain, Flat Top, Almont, Gunnison, Squirrel Creek, and Mount Axtell. The text, which was prepared to accompany the hazard maps, includes an explanation of the study, description of mapping techniques and problems, and discussions of the hazards themselves.