B-18 Fluorspar Deposits of Colorado


Fluorspar deposits of Colorado. 94 pages. 10 figures. Digital PDF download. B-18D

This report provides a historical snapshot of how the war drove the need for certain ores and what was done to locate and assess them: it presents the information gathered in the search for fluorspar.

From the Preface:

During the spring and early summer of 1917 the State Geologist applied through the newspapers of the State, and by specially prepared notices, for information concerning workable deposits of certain minerals for which the war had caused an increased demand.

Minerals needed by The U.S. Government

The Colorado Geological Survey is co-operating with the U.S. Government in an attempt to find workable deposits of certain minerals for which the war has caused an increased demand. Among these materials are: Ores of molybdenum (free from copper), ores of vanadium, uranium, nickel, manganese and platinum. Transparent, unfractured fluorspar in fairly large pieces, and as nearly colorless as possible is also needed. Pale green and very pale purple colors may not prevent its use if it is otherwise satisfactory.

The report is organized into five chapters: Chapter I. Introduction; Chapter II. The fluorspar industry in Colorado; Chapter III. Fluorspar-fluorite; Chapter IV. Fluorspar deposits in Colorado (organized by county); and Chapter V. Mining, milling and marketing.