OF-00-14 Evaluation of the Mineral and Mineral Fuel Potential of the 68 Tracts of State Trust Land Nominated for Inclusion in the Stewardship Trust (Round 2)


Includes a general summary of the geology and mineral and mineral fuel potential of 68 tracts of State Trust Land nominated for inclusion in the Stewardship Trust (Round 2) along with topographic maps of tract locations. The main body of the report is an evaluation of the resource potential for oil and gas, coal, metallic minerals, and industrial minerals for individual tracts. Digital ZIP/PDF download. OF-00-14D

To complete the work in the requested time frame, this study was limited and a detailed check of the legal description of the mineral acres of each nominated tract was not carried out. No field visits were conducted and a geologic map for each parcel was not provided. Tract boundaries instead were shown on topographic maps. Detailed library research on each tract was not attempted. In its place, a select collection of published maps and digital GIS databases pertaining to the oil and gas, coal, metallic minerals, and industrial mineral resources of Colorado was assembled and studied. Much of the evaluation was performed through the computer, using state-wide GIS databases of oil and gas wells and metallic and non-metallic mines and prospects.