RS-26 Colorado Energy Balance, 1981


Three plates (1:100,000) depicting Colorado’s energy balance. Plate 1 is entitled Coal Production and Distribution and Electrical Power Generation; Plate 2 is entitled Oil and Gas Production, Movement, and Consumption; and Plate 3 is entitled Uranium, Oil Shale, and Geothermal Production, Movement, and Consumption. Digital PDF download. RS-26D

Included in Plate 1 are 1981 statistics for Colorado coal resources, steam electric generation, electric utility coal consumption, electrical output by energy source, and hydroelectric power generation; Plate 2 includes the 1981 statistics for Colorado natural gas production by counties, natural gas processing plants, natural gas production movement use, oil production by counties, refinery and pipeline capacities, petroleum products distribution, and crude oil movement by method; included in Plate 3 are discussions of oil shale, uranium and geothermal resources, as well as 1982 Colorado oil shale activity and projects, 1981 Colorado uranium statistics with mines and mills, 1977 uranium resources, and geothermal site characteristics.