B-49 Snow-Avalanche Hazard Analysis for Land-Use Planning and Engineering


Terrain, release and motion of avalanches; avalanche design periods, magnitude and encounter probability, identification of design-avalanche terrain, calculation of avalanche runout and velocity; zoning definitions and plans; land-use controls; structural protection and mitigation methods. 55 pages. 34 figures. 12 tables. Digital PDF download. B-49D

Substantial research and changes to our knowledge and procedures have taken place during the 15 years since publication of the CGS Bulletin 38 Guidelines and Methods for Detailed Snow Avalanche Hazard Investigations in Colorado. These changes have prompted the re-writing, rather than revision of this publication.

This publication focuses on the methods and limitations of avalanche analysis for land-use planning and engineering purposes. As was done in Bulletin 38, it is recommended that multiple approaches be used whenever possible in defining the avalanche hazard. Several physical and statistical procedures and equations are presented in this publication. These are intended to aid in the identification and quantification of avalanche characteristics.