IS-66 Directory of Colorado Water Quality Data


This publication is a compendium of organizations that collect water quality data in Colorado. Includes organizational contact, geographic coverage, activities supported by data, media type (groundwater, surface water, and sediment), data source, data types, data storage format, sampling frequency, availability of data, and date of survey information. 218 pages. Digital PDF download. IS-66D

This is the second edition of the directory; the first was published in 1999 (OF-99-09). The goal of the current edition was to update existing entries and to add information from organizations not previously included in the directory.

The objective of this directory is to provide the people of Colorado, as well as industry, land and resource managers, and government agencies the ability to locate and share the water quality data needed to make informed decisions about water quality in our state. It contains documentation of analog water data from various agencies that is not available in current public (digital) databases.