B-45 Bibliography and Index of Colorado Geology 1975-1980


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This publication is the first five-year supplement to the comprehensive B-37 Bibliography and Index of Colorado Geology, 1875 to 1975. A cooperative effort between American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and the CGS, it was compiled under the direction of John G. Mulvihill, utilizing the GeoRef Information System, the AGIs computerized bibliographic data base. The CGS contributed approximately 600 citations from both recent and older federal and state government reports, graduate theses, journal articles, and a number of declassified AEC/USGS uranium investigations. This supplementary volume contains 3,756 citations for literature published from 1975 through 1980 including a few published before 1975 but inadvertently omitted from the original volume. 294 pages. Digital PDF download. B-45D