RS-29 Directory and Statistics of Colorado Coal Mines with Distribution and Electric Generation Map, 1989


Directory includes 1989 coal mine locations; company, general, and geologic information; coal quality and production; sales data. Plate includes statistics on mines, industrial coal consumption, steam electric generation, hydroelectric power generation; mines; power plants; fields; railroads; and amount and direction of coal movement. 47 pages. 1 plate (1:1,000,000). Digital PDF download. RS-29D

This directory is an update and revision of Map Series MS-23 published in 1981. Its purpose is to provide insight into the Colorado coal industry. Mine information is presented for active, interim, and reclamation permits. Exploration mines are not included due to restriction of access to these Mined Land Reclamation Division files. The accompanying map locates mines and lists them by county and coal mine name. The information contained in this report is the best available at the time of writing, July 1, 1990.

Note that this publication was superseded by Resource Series RS-32 for coal information as of 1995-96.